Chelsea Ellisor | Behind the Mask Employee Spotlight


Chelsea Ellisor | Behind the Mask Employee Spotlight

Behind the Mask with Chelsea Ellisor

Certified Nursing Assistant


As we wrap up National Nurse Appreciation Week, we’re taking a look #BehindtheMask with one of the Newberry Nurses who make a difference every day!

Chelsea Ellisor has been with Newberry for 6 years, spending her first 2 years as a certified nursing assistant before becoming a registered nurse. Chelsea spends her days in the Intensive Care Unit caring for 1 to 2 critical patients at a time, assessing their condition, administering medications and treatment, and providing constant support and care during their hospitalization.

Read on to learn more about Chelsea and the amazing work she does here at Newberry!

 What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I enjoy taking care of patients who are sick and in need of someone to comfort them and help them to get better, along with getting to know their family members. I also enjoy being my patient’s advocate and voice between the doctors and different departments throughout the hospital.

 What do you like about working at Newberry Hospital?

I love the family atmosphere we have here at Newberry Hospital. No matter where I am in the hospital or what department I may be working in for that shift, I feel like we all work well as a team and can count on each other no matter the situation.

 What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

When I am not working here at NCMH, I am the cheerleading coach for the competition and spirit squad at Newberry Academy.

How has your job changed during the pandemic?

My job has changed tremendously since the pandemic started. I changed roles in March of 2020 from the Medical-Surgical floor to ICU. Changing positions to a more critical atmosphere is hard but even harder during a pandemic. COVID patients in ICU required a lot of 1-on-1 involvement as we learned about COVID-19 while taking care of our patients. It was definitely mentally, physically, and emotionally difficult.