Two medical professionals smiling with patient in bed

Intensive Care Unit


The Intensive Care Nursing Unit (ICU) is a seven-bed unit. With the newest monitoring technology, the professional nursing staff and cardiac technician, provide the individual medical attention and the sensitive care necessary for these critical patients. Each patient receives intense, personalized monitoring by attentive staff trained to respond to the slightest change in condition.


Important things to know when visiting:

It is only natural to want to be with your loved one when they are in the hospital. Because the ICU treats the most serious patients, visitors and visiting hours are limited. Please help us ensure your loved one receives the best care by following these guidelines:

  • Only two visitors (immediate family only) are permitted at the bedside. If there are more than two visitors, swapping is allowed during visiting periods. No visitors under age 10 allowed.
  • Special considerations may be made to help patients who are:
    • Confused or agitated
    • Arriving to the ICU area after having surgery
    • Terminally ill. Allowing their family members to spend more time with their loved one. 
  • Visiting hours may be delayed if there is an emergency or if a patient is arriving from surgery.
  • Visitors may see the patient for 10 minutes every two hours. Visiting hours are: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm.

Other things to know:

  • Cell phones can interfere with heart monitoring equipment and are not allowed.
  • No flowers are permitted in the ICU and depending on your loved one’s condition, food, candy and personal items may not be allowed.
  • Pastoral care is available for spiritual counseling or emotional support at any time. Ask your nurse to contact one of the hospital chaplains.
  • Please wash your hands before and after visiting your loved one.
  • Please don’t neglect your own health. Eat healthy meals and get plenty of rest.
  • The ICU waiting area is on the third floor and seating for the waiting area may be limited to immediate family or significant others.
  • You may be able to bring an MP3, DC or DVD player to help pass the time. Please bring headphones so others are not disturbed.
  • Waiting room phones are for the ICU staff to call family members from the unit, so please limit the use of these phone to five minutes or less. The waiting room phone number is 803.405.7350.