Two medical professionals smiling with patient in bed

Swing Bed Unit


Newberry Hospital is proud to offer an inpatient rehabilitation center called the Swing Bed Unit.

What is the Swing Bed Unit?

When a hospital patient needs additional rehabilitation, the Swing Bed Unit provides the extended inpatient services that help restore the patient’s health. This type medical care is generally more intensive than traditional nursing facility care and less intensive than inpatient hospital care. The emphasis is on rehabilitation and restorative care. If you or a family member has had heart surgery, joint replacement or a complex medical problem, such as pneumonia, cancer or a stroke, you could be a candidate for this service.



An interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals trained to assess and manage specific treatments and methods of care provides care. Occupational, speech, and physical therapy sessions are provided on a daily basis.


Length of Stay

Skilled rehabilitation services and nursing care are provided after an acute care hospitalization of at least three days. The average length of stay in the Swing Bed Unit ranges from seven to 14 days.



Our program is certified to accept clients with Medicare and private insurance.



Newberry Hospital’s Swing Bed Unit accepts patients previously hospitalized in our hospital as well as hospitals in other communities. This is a tremendous convenience for Newberry County residents who required treatment at another facility who want their care close to home.

For more information, please call 803.405.7170.