Amber Metts | Behind the Mask Employee Spotlight


Amber Metts | Behind the Mask Employee Spotlight

Behind the Mask with Amber Metts

Clinical Pharmacist


Today we’re taking a look #BehindtheMask with Amber Metts, a clinical pharmacist here at Newberry. Amber has spent the past five years making sure our patients get the prescriptions they need to stay healthy! Read on to learn more!

 What does my job entail?
We are the drug experts! We help prescribers make decisions about what medications patients should be treated with. We make sure the patient gets the right dose for their age, weight, and kidney function. Pharmacists verify compounded (mixed) medications for IV use. We counsel patients on their current medications, alternative therapies, and how to use medical devices, such as insulin pens and glucometers.

 What do you like about working at Newberry Hospital?
I love the family atmosphere! I was born and raised in Little Mountain and my mom is from Newberry. During the pandemic when visitation was restricted, I really enjoyed visiting with patients in the hospital so they felt like they had a familiar face here to support them through their illness and recovery.

 What do you like to do when you aren't working?
I enjoy spending time with my little girl, my husband, and all of our furry children! We like visiting all the local parks, riding tractors (ALL OF THE TRACTORS) and going to the zoo. My sister, friends, and I like to visit Lazy Creek Taphouse for trivia and taco trucks!

 What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?
Sometimes when my little girl goes to bed, my husband and I continue watching Bluey on Disney Channel for hours.

 How has your job changed during the pandemic?
My job "duties" have changed a lot during the pandemic, but how I "take my job home" has changed even more. My daughter was born 3 months premature less than 4 months before the pandemic hit America. We brought our baby home from the NICU into a world that was completely different than the one she was born into. I now take more precautions to make sure I don't bring anything (especially germs) home from work.

 If you could say one thing to Americans who aren't front-line workers, what would it be?
Give grace. This pandemic has been hard on every single person in the world. It's hard for the stay-at-home mom that has had to turn into a "teacher." It's hard for the bagger at the grocery store. Even though you may not understand how the pandemic has affected others, show a little grace and empathy to their circumstances.