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COVID-19 Updates


DHEC Provides Additional Information on Vaccine Scheduling for Those 70 and Older

Newberry Hospital will not be providing the COVID-19 vaccinations to the 70+ phase as we do not have the resources available to handle this phase of the vaccination process.

For more information from DHEC on vaccine scheduling for those 70 and older, read the press release here.


South Carolina COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

The South Carolina COVID-19 Vaccine Plan includes several phases of vaccine distribution and administration. Please continue to check our website for updates as we receive them.

Newberry is working on a plan to provide COVID-19 vaccines to phase 1a individual in our community. Phase 1a guidance includes the following mission-critical workers:


Phase 1a mission-critical workers include:

• Anesthesiology assistants, registered cardiovascular invasive specialists, and operating room staff

• Athletic Trainers

• American Sign Language (ASL) and other interpreters in healthcare facilities

• Autopsy room staff, coroners, embalmers, and funeral home staff at risk of exposure to bodily fluids

• Dentists and dental hygienists and technicians

• Dietary and food services staff in healthcare facilities

• Environmental services staff in healthcare facilities

• Home health and hospice workers

• Hospital transport personnel

• Laboratory personnel and phlebotomists

• Licensed dietitians

• Medical assistants

• Medical first responders (paid and volunteer): EMS; fire department and law enforcement personnel who provide emergency medical care

• Nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse’s aides/ assistants

• Opticians and optometrists and assistants/ technicians

• Persons providing medical care in correctional facilities and correctional officers

• Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

• Physical and occupational therapists and assistants

• Physicians, including medical house staff (i.e., interns, residents, fellows), and physician assistants

• Podiatrists

• Public health healthcare workers who are frequently interacting with persons with potential COVID-19 infection

• Radiology technicians

• Respiratory care practitioners, such as respiratory therapists

• Speech-language pathologists and assistants and audiologists

• Students and interns of the above categories



Newberry Hospital Limited Visitation Policy

At this time, Newberry Hospital has implemented a new restricted visitation policy. View our new guidelines here.