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Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care are the folks who help patients breathe.


For patients staying at Newberry Hospital, we provide all breathing treatments, manage patients on mechanical ventilators and attend all cardio-pulmonary emergencies using the most sophisticated mechanical ventilators available. 


We provide the following tests for outpatients. 

Pulmonary Function Tests 

This test determines the presence and extent of impaired lung function.

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis 

This test accurately evaluates the specific oxygen level in the blood. The study is often done to determine whether a patient needs to be on oxygen full-time. 


This test records the electrical activity of the heart. It can detect abnormal heart rhythms and heart attacks. 


This test allows the electrical signals of the brain to be recorded. It is evaluated by a neurologist.

Holter Monitor

The lightweight, digital monitor is placed on an individual for 24 or 48 hours. It is used to diagnose abnormal heart rhythms and other cardiac issues. The Holter monitors are small, making them easy for patients to wear. Reports are available the same day the monitor is removed from the patient.