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Let's meet future mother Kendyl Hudgens! Kendyl is from Little Mountain and is 26 years old.

Kendyl and her husband tried to have a baby for a year, and at the end of the year she said if it doesn't happen, I'll go see my physician. Well it happened! Kendyl is expecting!


It's story time. This Friday we will be highlighting Kendyl's announcement story to her husband Adam.

Kendyl wanted to figure out a way to creatively tell her husband he was going to be a "human Dad." She purchased pink and blue balloons and tied them to her dog's collars. She made a sign that said, "Mom's bringing us a human."

When her husband got home, she let the dogs out of the room and at first her husband didn't get it. So she holds up the sign and he said, "are you serious, are you sure, how do you know? "She said, "I took a test!"



Our latest picture of Mom-To-Be Kendyl Hudgens! What a cute baby bump!


Kendyl is expecting a little girl! 
















Not too much longer until Kendyl and Adam's little girl enters the world!


Kendyl is moving right along, the bundle of joy will arrive very soon! Stay tuned for more pictures from Kendyl's baby shower.


Kendyl recently had a babyshower and got a lot of cute gifts for baby Randi! The countdown is on!