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Brandi Riddle Childbirth at New Beginnings
Brandi Riddle
Childbirth At New Beginnings
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Lesley McDuffie
The Doctor's Daughter
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New Beginnings Birthing Unit

Questions and Tours

If you have questions about your pregnancy after your doctor's hours, feel free to call us. Someone is always here to answer your questions. We’re happy to arrange a personal tour of New Beginnings for you. Please call us at the number at the left.

Child Birth Education Classes

These one-day classes are held Saturdays from 9 am-4 pm in the Education Classroom A, Basement Level of Newberry Hospital. The next class is scheduled for November 15, 2016. The classes are free to our OB patients and lunch is provided. You must register for the classes. To register, call 803.405.7484. 


Who wants to sign papers when you're in labor? However, signing papers is a fact of life when you are admitted to the hospital. For your convenience, we suggest that during your pregnancy you come by the Admissions Office in the lobby and complete your admission forms between 8 am and 4 pm. Don’t forget your insurance card. It will take about 30 minutes to complete the admission papers.

The Big Day

Stop by the Emergency Department admissions desk and let the staff know you're here. If you are pre-admitted, they will transport you upstairs to the birthing facility.

Labor Coach

We encourage the father of your baby or other support to be with you in the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Postpartum (LDRP). Please advise the nursing staff of your plans when you are admitted. 


If you are unmarried and having a baby, click here for information on how to establish legal fatherhood and have the father's name added to your child's birth certificate for free when your child is born. 

Visiting Hours

Fathers, siblings, and grandparents may visit at any time. For the comfort of mothers and babies, all other visitors are asked to come from 10 am-8:30 pm. One visitor may stay with the new Mom overnight (must be 18 years of age).

Waiting Room

There is a family waiting room located down the hall from the New Beginnings' entrance. We encourage only two visitors at a time during delivery. Please check at the nurses' station before visiting a patient, especially during labor and delivery. During delivery, one or two support people will be allowed-with the physician's approval-to attend. 


When it’s time to make that phone call to grandma and grandpa, you are welcome to use the phone in your room. To make a local call, dial "3" for an outside line.

Other Services

Babies and Gifts are a natural combination. Newberry Hospital understands that. The staff and your physician are pleased to offer our new moms a special gift bag. We also offer First Foto if you are interested. Our babies' pictures can be placed on the Web. Ask our staff about this service. 

Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby volunteers are caring members of the community who will support, information and gifts to you as a parent. Contact us for more information.

New Beginnings Physicians

Newberry Hospital has many physicians who care for expectant mothers, newborn babies and families.


These physicians care for newborns and children.

  • Dr. Danielle Davis
  • Dr. Becky White
  • Dr. Rebecca Biscoglia

Family Practice

These physicians deliver babies and care for newborns and children.

  • Dr. Chip Dixon*
  • Dr. Franco Godoy*
  • Dr. Gisella Godoy
  • Dr. Oscar Lovelace, Jr.*
  • Dr. Spencer Lovelace
  • Dr. Candace Prince

* These Family Practice physicians are credentialed to do operative obstetrics, which includes caesarian section, tubal ligations and D&C procedures.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN)

This physician cares for expectant mothers and delivers babies.

  • Dr. Stephen F. Dyke