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If detected early, colon cancer is among the most treatable cancers. The best way to diagnose colon cancer is through a simple test called a colonoscopy.

Newberry Hospital offers colonoscopies as an outpatient procedure performed by the doctors listed below. This saves patients and family members the time and expense of traveling out of town for testing.

A colonoscopy is performed using a thin tube with a video camera on the end to allow a doctor to examine the inner lining of the large intestine for ulcers, polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding. If the doctor finds something suspicious, tissue samples can be taken for biopsy and abnormal growths removed. The patient is under sedation for the test.

Newberry Hospital also performs sigmoidoscopies, which is a minimally invasive test to examine the large intestine from the rectum to the last part of the colon.

A colonoscopy is done under sedation and is painless. However, people sometimes avoid colonoscopies because of the preparation the day before the test. “Prep” is done to clean out the colon, which enables a thorough exam. While the prep is inconvenient, it is necessary. Based on physician instructions, the patient drinks a liquid or takes a medication. Patients should stay at home during prep to be close to a bathroom.

Colonoscopies are performed at Jake & Mildred Fulmer Surgical Center at Newberry Hospital, located on the first floor off the Main Lobby. The test—from check-in to recovery time—takes about three hours. Patients get preliminary results the same day. Because patients are sedated, the hospital requires that someone drive the patient home after their procedure.

Colonoscopies are recommended for adults age 50 or older at normal risk. Talk to your doctor to see what is best for you. If your doctor recommends a colonoscopy, his staff will schedule your procedure with the hospital. Two days before the procedure, you should call the hospital to find out what time to come. We will also take your medical history over the phone and provide complete instructions on how to prepare for your colonoscopy.

These physicians perform colonoscopies at Newberry Hospital

A referral from your physician is required.

Dr. Mark Davis
Newberry Internal Medicine
Board Certified, Internal Medicine

Dr. Chip Dixon
Lovelace Family Medicine
Board Certified, Family Medicine