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Ty Senn

This is My Story


Ty at a glance

  • Newberry resident
  • Works on heavy equipment at Georgia Pacific
  • Owner, Ty’s Repair Service
  • Knee joint replacements
  • Living pain free!

In junior high, Newberry native Ty Senn played football. In the 1970’s, he had a motorcycle wreck. For years he has worked as a mechanic at Georgia Pacific and in his own business, Ty’s Repair Service, climbing under and over tractor-trailers and other agricultural equipment. The 10-hour days working on concrete have taken their toll on Ty’s body.

My knee gave out,” Ty says.

Ty is a patient of Palmetto Bone & Joint in Newberry. Over the years, his orthopedic surgeon has performed arthroscopic surgery on Ty’s knees to relieve the pain. He also gave Ty cortisone shots, explaining it was a temporary fix. Knee replacement surgery was the only way to restore joint function and for Ty to live pain-free.

Finally, the burly man tired of toughing it out. He placed a call to Dr. Milner. “My knee hurt so bad, I was looking forward to surgery.”

The orthopedic surgeon scheduled Ty’s surgery for Newberry Hospital, which was recently named Best in the Midlands for Joint Replacement*, having received Five-Star Ratings in 2012 from HealthGrades®, America’s most trusted, independent source of hospital quality data, for Joint Replacement, Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement.

According to HealthGrades, patients treated at five-star rated hospitals experience a 73 percent lower risk of mortality and a 63 percent lower risk of complications compared to one-star rated hospital.

Ty was pleased with the decision to use the community’s hospital.“My surgeon told me straight up what I should do. I trust him,” says Ty. “I also have known many of Newberry Hospital’s nurses for years. They don’t come any better.”

Ty’s knee replacement surgery went well. He was resting comfortably in his room when his physical therapy team, Valerie Rikard, and Lynne Fulmer—whom he dubbed “Laverne and Shirley”—came to get him out of bed and walking.

Ty laughs at the memory. “They said I couldn’t just lay there and watch TV; I had to walk. There I was in my hospital gown. It was just wrong!”

Not only did the therapists get him walking, they also had Ty climbing stairs the day after surgery. “They are small women; I still don’t know how they did it,” he says.

Ty appreciated their cheerful persistence. “I could be feeling grumpy, and they would come in my room and change my attitude. It was tough, but I had a ball.”

Within a week of surgery, Ty was back drinking coffee and chewing the fat with friends at Dorroh’s Country Store. Eight weeks later he returned to work, even though the typical recovery period from knee surgery is 10 to 12 weeks. Ty shrugs, “There’s just so much TV you can watch.”

Having one knee pain-free has made Ty’s decision to have his other knee replaced easy. There’s no question where he’s going for surgery. “Newberry Hospital is the best.”

* The SC Midlands includes Calhoun, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, Richland, and Saluda counties.