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Batter Up! Boy Down!
A Baseball Misadventure Ends Well
After Trip to Newberry Hospital’s ER


Seven-year-old Jace Marti

n had just finished batting practice. He had traded his protec

tive batting helmet with his cap and was walking over to his coach when “WHACK!” — a teammate practicing his swing accidently hit Jace in the head with a bat.

“Jace went down and we jumped up,” recalled his mother, Jeanna Martin. She and husband Jamie ran to their son. A bump the size of an egg had popped up on Jace’s forehead.

“His eyes were open and he was saying, ‘Ow, ow, ow!’” said Jeanna. “Then his nose started bleeding and we got scared.”

Jeanna and Jamie took their son to the Prosperity Fire Station as it was close to the practice field. They were told to call 9-1-1. The ambulance met them in Prosperity and transported Jace to Newberry Hospital’s Emergency Room. At this point, the worried parents were having trouble keeping their only child awake.

“He was afraid to go to the hospital,” Jeanna said, “but once he was in the ambulance, he thought it was cool.”

A Newberry Hospital nurse met the ambulance and anxious family at the Emergency Room entrance and immediately escorted them to an exam room in the newly remodeled and expanded ER. Jace’s fear returned, but a friendly face in the form of radiology technician Mickey Barnett calmed the boy’s fears. Mickey explained the CT scanner, what it would do and promised to show Jace the scans of his brain. Mickey’s kindness was rewa

rded; Jace was no longer afraid.

The ER doctors determined Jace had suffered a concussion. There was no brain damage and he would make a full recovery. The head ER nurse gave the Mart

ins her phone number and said to call her if they needed anything. From doorway to diagnosis, the unexpected emergency visit took just two hours.

Jace ended his misadventure with black eyes, a bruised nose and forehead, and a summer off from baseball. He’s still a fan of baseball and his mother is a fan of Newberry Hospital. “The way the staff walked Jace through everything and made him comfortable was great!” said Jeanna.