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Doggett and Christie Whitaker

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A "Moving" Emergency


Doggett and Christie Whitaker are partners in everything. They work together in the family business, the Whitaker Funeral Home in Newberry. They raised four daughters and are now actively involved in a growing brood of grandchildren. They also like to tackle do-it-yourself projects.whitakers

One Sunday after church, Doggett, Christie, and daughter Erin decided to move a concrete fountain themselves. Ever the gentleman, Doggett warned his girls not to “mash their fingers” as they loaded the bulky fountain onto a trailer.

With Doggett pulling and Christie pushing, the rope around the fountain snapped! The sudden slackness in the line caused Doggett to fall from the trailer, breaking his arm in three places. Horrified, Christie and Erin called 9-1-1 and Doggett was rushed to the Newberry Hospital Emergency Room.

Emergency physician Dr. Duncan Holaday carefully assessed Doggett. Concerned, he called an orthopedic surgeon on Newberry Hospital’s medical staff to come to the hospital to examine the injured man.

“I was hungry and asked for something to eat,” recalled Doggett, “and in walks this fellow in shorts. We were surprised to find out it was the orthopedic surgeon.”

The orthopedic surgeon reviewed the scans of Doggett’s broken arm. At first he said he would perform surgery on Monday, but instead of leaving to enjoy the rest of his Sunday afternoon, he continued to study the scans. Looking up, he surprised the waiting Whitakers.

“I’m going to get the surgical team together and so your surgery today!”

Due to the severity of the break and concern for Doggett’s wellbeing, the orthopedic surgeon called in a second surgeon to participate in the operation. Doggett came through the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation with flying colors. He is back to working and playing alongside his beloved wife Christie.

“I don’t remember anything about the surgery, but I am so pleased with the excellent care given to me by the EMS team, the doctors and Newberry Hospital,” said Doggett with a broad smile.