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I, the undersigned applicant for and in consideration of the benefit to be derived by participation in any of the Wellness programs offered by NCMH Wellness Center (Body Sculpting, Breather's Choice, Cardio Mix & Sculpt, Chair Aerobics, CPR, First Aid, HeartFIT, Senior Fitness, Yoga-Gentle, Yoga Pilates Mix and Zumba) do hereby release and forever discharge NCMH, its agents, industry, illness or sickness which may result from participation in the Wellness classes or programs elected, and do hereby further agree to indemnify and hold harmless NCMH, its agents, servants and employees from any and all liability in such regard. *need physician referral
 Body Sculpting- M-W-F-(6:00-7:00 am) $38
 Body Sculpting -M-W-F-(10:15-10:45 am) $19
 Body Sculpting- M-W-F-(12:30-1:15 pm) $28.50
 Body Sculpting- T-Th-(4:00-4:45 pm) $20
 Body Sculpting- T-Th-(6:15-7:15 pm) $26
 Cardio Mix & Sculpt- M-W-(5:20-6:20 pm) $26
 Chair Aerobics- T-Th-(1:45-2:15 pm) $17
 Senior Fitness- M-W-F-(8:15-9:00 am) $25
 Yoga-Gentle- M-Th-(11:00-11:45 am) $20
 Yoga Pilates Mix- M-W-(6:30-7:30 pm) $26
 Zumba- M-W-F-(9:15-10:15 am) $38
 Zumba- T-Th-(5:00-6:00 pm) $26
 Indoor Cycling- T-Th-(12:30-1:15 pm) $20