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Care Measures: Why You Should Care About Them

Care Measures are medical practices—such as taking an aspirin within the first hour after a heart attack—which research has shown to be Medical Best Practices. The government gathers this data from hospitals across the country so that the public has specific information upon which to compare hospitals. 

Newberry County Memorial Hospital’s staff and physicians are dedicated to being the best at Best Practices or Care Measures, because we are Always Striving to be the Best Hospital Possible. 

Care Measures scores are posted for the public to see. Please click on Care Measures to see our scores for 2010-11. Posted scores usually run about four months behind real time. The website has additional information about these important measures of quality. 

If you have any questions regarding these Care Measures or any other Quality Initiatives at Newberry County Memorial Hospital, please feel free to contact Roberto Torres, Director of Performance Improvement and Risk Management at 803.405.7164.